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Umbrella 4 Life

Umbrella 4 Life has been a free support system offered to the woman of Central Oregon since 2005.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to empower women through education and support through mentorship and peer connections.  We focus on building bridges for women in their relationships with their families, careers and over all emotional health and well being.  Having confidence in the truth will turn your possibilities into realities and Umbrella 4 Life’s mission is to help create ways for women to discover their true selves and launch them into their highest levels of joy and fulfillment!

Our Founder

Kari Weber is the founder and current executive director of Umbrella 4 Life. Umbrella 4 Life started as a small support group and is now becoming nationally recognized.

Kari’s passion is to bring women together to make a vast network of mentors and friends to provide support throughout the struggles that we encounter in life. Her personal story centers around her personal experience with severe postpartum depression.

This made her realize that there are many women struggling with different challenges in their lives. Her goal is to bring women together to help them individually through their personal experiences.

Our Gallery

Here’s what we’d like to achieve during our events. Hope you can join us on our next one soon!


We provide the opportunity for women to meet one another and find their expertise in support for other women, both inside and outside of the organization. Join our event!


Local and international resources for women that we recommend

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